Christian World View links for Sonday 2021-07-11

Alternative Math? (video 9:06):
IMO, this is VERY funny, but SADLY what is happening

The dangerous appeal of death with dignity:

What is Critical Race Theory? (video ):

Censorship of Doctors and Scientists in Canada? (video 38:50):
NOTE: the above link has been CENSORED by YouTube even though it had over 700,000 views.  So there are ways around YouTube censorship!!.

Winning the War in Your Mind - part 1 (video 33:42) Dwight Geiger:

Behind the Mask (video 59:27) Jack Hibbs:

A link to all of my apologetic audio files (.mp3s) which includes many of the late Dr. Walter Martin's great teaching:
This resides on my own cloud storage.  Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing this.

Some say the pen is mightier than the sword.  Might I suggest E-mail is mightier than the pen?
Good news and Bad news?   A sign of the times?   My Faith

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