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As it was in the days of Noah? (Video 29:56)

Is abortion health care?

A pastor with the gift of prophecy?

Listening to people who de-Transition

A gifted Evangelist shares the gospel? (Video 16:37)
You may wish to skip over the first 22 seconds where he tries to be cute with his advertising.

A very disturbing documentary.

Fantastic teaching on Grace and Works (Audio 24:00 )

btw, please feel free to let me know what you think about any of these issues.
I have read, viewed, or listened to all the links myself but I assume you may only be interested in some of these.

Have a great SONday!

PS. I am trying to get away from using Youtube due to all of its censoring.
So I will link to alternate video sites if possible, but it turns out Rumble's policy is WORSE than Youtube's.

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"The primary method by which governments increase their control is by creating fear." Charles Eisenstein
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