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Jerusalem Post about a future temple

There is Power in the Blood (Hymn) (Video 2:48)

Is Science a neutral arbiter or source of truth?

Owner of Christian Satire site Babylon Bee interviewed by Orthodox Jew, Ben Shapiro (Video 1:08:10)

The original lie being planned for us today?

Quote from Mother Teresa's diary:
Please move the slider to the quote from Mother Teresa to the 13:03 mark of the audio recording.

Common Sense, secular interview of Jordan Peterson by Piers Morgan on Identity, Cancel Culture and Putin

btw, please feel free to let me know what you think about any of these issues.
I have read, viewed, or listened to all the links myself but I assume you may only be interested in some of these.

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PS. I am trying to get away from using Youtube due to all of its censoring.
So I will link to alternate video sites if possible, but it turns out Rumble's censoring policy is WORSE than Youtube's.

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"The primary method by which governments increase their control is by creating fear." Charles Eisenstein
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