Have we?

Have we ever hit rock bottom,
have we ever come to Him,
have we ever known Christ Jesus,
and repented from our sin?

Have we recognized we're evil,
have we recognized we're lost,
have we cried out for His mercy,
on our knees before His cross?

Have we failed His Ten Commandments,
have we known they show our sin,
have we recognized His manual,
as His word to us from Him?

Have we ever known His Mercy,
have we ever known His Grace,
have we felt His cleansing power,
when our past we had to face?

Have we ever known the difference,
between head and heart belief,
Have we given Him our burdens,
and have felt the great relief?

Have we ever known His Gospel,
Have we known the death of Christ,
and the blood He shed there for us,
was His perfect sacrifice?

Have we known His resurrection,
and been spiritually reborn,
Have we thanked Him for adoption,
and be willing to get scorn?

Have we come to know our future,
have we come to know 'The Way',
have we known we'll be in heaven,
when we die and have no say?