Jehovah's Witnesses Major Doctrines

Bullet The Bible is God's Word

They differ from Mormons who believe the bible is God's word only "as far as it is translated correctly".   RFTS: Read page 199.   Have own Version of Bible, NWT.   Written in 1950.  Could stand for: Nifty Word Twisting.  They believe God is only one person.  RFTS: Read page 136.

Bullet Jesus is Archangel Michael

RFTS: read page 218.   They use 1 Thess. 4:16 and Jude 9 as their apologetic.

Bullet Resurrected as spirit body

RFTS: read page 334.   They use 1 Cor 15:45 and 1 Pet 3:18 as their apologetic.

Bullet holy spirit is active force

RFTS: read page 381. Claim "speak" "hear" "teach" are personifications only.

Bullet Human soul not immortal

RFTS : read page 375.   They use Ezek. 18:4 to "prove" No consciousness at death.  They use Psa: 146:4 to "prove" No eternal punishment.  Thus no hell.  Hell is destruction or second death. RFTS: Read page 168-175 for their apologetic.

Bullet Only 144,000 go to heaven

RFTS: Read page 76.   They use Luke 12:32 and Rev 14:1-3 for support.

Bullet Only 144,000 are born again

They have two classes of followers.  The majority are second class.   They do not go to heaven.

BulletTo be saved one:

Bullet must be a JW.
RFTS: Read page 203
Bullet must be baptized
Bullet must have regular Bible studies
Bullet must witness on a regular basis

Bullet Torture Stake NOT cross

Currently taught the cross is a pagan symbol.  Babylonish - Rutherford.   Their early publications showed a cross.  Show: page 259 WTF (The Harp of God, 1921, page 114).   Awake, April 8th 1974 page 14 is what they now teach.

Acronyms defined

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