Do's and Don'ts


Bullet Pray without ceasing

Pray that their spiritual eyes and ears of understanding would be opened.

Bullet Know your Bible (beliefs)

If you don't, avoid them.  They have more twists than a pretzel and they will be able to back up all their beliefs.  Those who know the real thing are best able to determine a counterfeit.  Listen attentively.  This shows you care about them.

Bullet Define terms clearly

Which terms should you define?  God: The father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, and salvation.  Story about Doctor who does not take meaning of words seriously.

Bullet Ask questions

Remember they believe they know more than you.  Ask 'please explain'.   This puzzles me.  This appears to be a contradiction.  Jesus continually asked questions.

Bullet Have them read your Bible

Remember that their Bible is doctored.  Ask them if they would please read this verse and what does this mean to them?  Treat them as people, not as cultists.   Even though they are part of a cult, remember that Jesus died for them also.

Bullet Have patience!

Go over a point 10 times if needed.  This is easy to say but hard to do, especially if they appear as 'know it alls'.

Bullet Answer all their questions

If you don't know answer, tell them you will get an answer for them at a later time

Bullet Backoff after proving point

Say something like we all want the truth, don't we?  We can win the point but loose the cultist.  Others: Always stick to one point until finished.  They will try to jump around.


Bullet Call them names

Like liars, deceivers, Antichrists, etc.  Most are sincerely deceived.   Watch your tone and non-verbal communication. This can be the most difficult part.

Bullet Make out your are better

This may be communicated non-verbally.

Bullet Be antagonistic

Give some examples of Christians witness to JW's.   Slamming door in their face only reinforces their deception (after all they are suffering for their faith).

Bullet Come on too strong

They may feel trapped.  Other don'ts: Don't dodge their questions.   Try to answer each one.

Acronyms defined

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