Jehovah's Witnesses History

Bullet JW's begun from home bible Study

Allegheny, Pennsylvania in early 1870's.  Shows possible danger of home bible study.  Known as Bible Students.   RFTS Page 203.

Bullet Charles Taze Russell

Founder and first leader.  Channel/Instrument of God.  Read WTF page 53 and WT, March 1, 1923 page 68.  repudiating him meant repudiating the Lord.  Read WTF page 37 and WT May 1, 1922, page 132.

Bullet Claim to have restored 1st century Christianity

RFTS page 203.   According to Matthew 16:18 the Gates of hades/hell will not prevail against the church.   This of course implies there was a time when the "gates of hades/hell" did prevail against the Church.

Bullet Jesus to return in 1874

The Battle of Armageddon, Studies in the Scriptures, Series IV, 1897, page 621 and WT Sept 15, 1922, page 278.   WT Jan. 1, 1924, page 5.

Bullet Jesus to return in 1914

When Jesus didn't show, it was stated return was invisible, to head up the WTBTS.

Bullet Joseph (Judge) Rutherford

Took over on Jan. 6, 1917.  Died on Jan. 8, 1942.   Claimed "mouth piece of Jehovah" for this age.  (Why Serve Jehovah. page 62).   He had complete control of what went into their magazines.

Bullet Patriarchs to return in 1925

Judge Rutherford purchased a mansion in San Diego, called Beth Sarim.   Read Beth-Sarim tract.

Bullet 1931 changed name to Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, Pages 125-126.1

Bullet 1934 had 144,000 members

So they had to come up with a way to accept more members.

Bullet 1942 Nathan Homer Knorr

Bullet 1977 Frederick Franz

Elected June 11, 1977.  Died December 22, 1992 at the age of 99.

Bullet 1993 Milton D. Henschel

A governing board, now has all final say

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