Jehovah's Witnesses Modified Bible

NWT was produced by 7 persons.   Their names were not made public for supposed humility sake.  5 of the 7 have not had a day of Greek in their lives(according to Bill Cetnar a high level JW who left the organization).

Words Added:

Listing not all inclusive.  Just a sampling.  Look up all references in your Bible and then in NWT.  Pass NWT around.   Added words can easily be pointed out by showing literal side in their "The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures"

Bullet Acts 10:36 - others

Why is 'others' added?  To imply Jesus is not Lord of God.

Bullet Romans 8:32 - other

Why is 'other' added?  To imply that Jesus is a 'thing' that God gave us (namely created).   Read Page 6 in their interlinear, section on Brackets: '[ ]'.   They don't follow their own rule in this case.

Bullet 1 Corinthians 14:12-16

'Gifts of the' and 'Gift of the' added.  Why added?   They don't believe a person has a spirit (as distinct from our body) and that the Holy Spirit lives in us.

Bullet Philippians 2:9 - other

Why is 'other' added?  To imply that Jesus's name is not above Jehovah's name.

Bullet Colosians 1:16-20 - other

Why is 'other' added?  To allow their theology that Jesus is a created thing by God the father.   They are not consistent with John 1:3.   So far they have not inserted 'other' into this verse.   Ask why in 1950 edition of the NWT, other is NOT in brackets.   Read a few comments from tract "What Greek Scholars really think!" about the NWT.  I know of one person, Lori Mcgreggor, who left the JWs after being shown these changes.  This information has been obtained from, CRI Journal, winter/spring 1989, The NWT on Trial.

Words Omitted:

Bullet John 14:14 - me

Why is 'me' ommitted?  They believe you should ask of God, in Jesus's name.  You should not ask Jesus directly.

Bullet Romans 8:1 - now

Why is 'now' ommitted?  They don't believe one can be free of condemnation, now.

Bullet Colosians 1:19 - the

Why is 'the' ommitted?  NIV: has 'his' instead of 'the'.   Using 'the' implies the fullness of God's own being and thus goes against their theology.

Words Changed:

Bullet Matthew 5:19

What was changed?  'In' to 'In relation to'.  Why changed?   Don't like the idea that some who have taught the 'breaking of commandments' could go to heaven.

Bullet John 3:16-18

What has changed?  'believes' to 'exercise faith'.  Why?   Don't like idea of belief without any action on their part.   Note inconsistency of translation in Verse 15.

Bullet Romans 8:28

What has changed?  'all things' to 'all his works'.  Why?   This allows for their belief that God does not have control over all things.

Bullet Galations 6:18

What has changed?  'your spirit' changed to 'the spirit you show'.   Why?  To avoid the implication that the spirit has a reality distinct from the body.

Bullet Hebrews 12:9

What has changed?  'the father of our spirits' to 'the father of our spiritual life'.   Why?  They don't believe a person has a spirit (as distinct from ones body).

Bullet 1 Timothy 4:1

What has changed?  'spirit' changed to 'inspired utterance'.  Why?   To avoid the fact that the Holy Spirit is a person.

Bullet 1 John 4:1

What has changed?  'spirit' changed to 'inspired expression'.   Why?  Same reason as 1 Tim. 4:1

In a similar fashsion all texts where Jesus is called God have been doctored in the NWT:
Isaiah 9:6 John 1:1 John 1:18 John 20:28 Romans 9:5
Titus 2:13 Hebrews 1:8 2 Peter 1:1 1 John 5:20

Acronyms defined

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