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Hal Adam Welcomes you to his web site.

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Warning for the Politically Correct
We will not explicity link to any sleazy web pages (yes, porno is sleazy), however we are not responsible for any material in linked documents. Full responsibility for those pages rests with the organizations and individuals providing them.

Political INcorrectness

Unlike the intolerant "Politically Correct(PC)", I tolerate being Politically INcorrect.  If you are offended by this and are narrow minded, then don't view these pages.  The facts and/or opinions expressed may offend you.

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Personal Information

multi-color bullet The Adam Family
multi-color bullet Hal's Personal Information
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Other Information

multi-color bullet Links to tons of information including Christian Apologetics. Updated Regularly
multi-color bullet Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses Course

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I love Jesus Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List Can anyone be given the 'choice' to kill this baby?

multi-color bullet U.S. Pro-Life Information.
multi-color bullet Canadian Pro-Life Information.

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