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Adam's Computing

Web Site Designing

I do this as time permits.  I specialize in Churches and charitable organizations.

The WORK done here is NOT my best work.   For recent examples check out my churches web pages

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I live in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and would do any work for you from my home.

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Other Information

I am a Systems Programmer who has over 30 years experience doing software installations, maintenance debugging and computer programming.   I have over 8 years of Internet experience.   Of course I have created this web page in addition to my own personal web pages.   Please check them out to see examples of my work.

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To contact me please click on one of the E-mail buttons!

Please call: 250.743.5259

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Hal's 1995 Mug shot

To see my personal pages click on my mug shot.

Warning: If you are easily offended by different religious or political perspectives other than your own then you will not want to see my personal pages.

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