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Käthe Adam

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Born: 1925 in Berlin, Germany.  She was 82 years.

Born again: At the Salvation Army in 1935.

Promoted to Glory: March 4th, 2007

Thoughts: We miss you Mom or Oma!

Obituary: Obituary

Marital Status: Married to Hermann Adam (pre-deceased)

Children: Helmut, Angelica, Ingrid, Werner, Rolf, Dieter

Grandchildren: Rennae, Jennifer, Aaron, Dawn, Andrew, Monica, Martin, Michelle, Lisa, Sonya, Karlyn, Lindsay, Alison, Amy, Lisa

Great-Grandchildren: 18

Education: to grade eight level

Occupation: House wife (retired).  Mall Rat-ting Smiley image.  Tried to run the Menno Hospital Smiley image

Current Employer: Worked for the Lord.  Now resting from her labours.

Previous Employer: German Government, Agriculture Department

Religion: Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  NOTE: Knowing ABOUT Jesus is NOT the same as knowing Him.

Hobbies: Listening to Christian Radio. Dr. Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindall, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. David Jeremiah, Haven Ministries, Wilf Ray, shopping, taking pictures, phoning kids, giving to charitable causes, mall rat-ting Smiley image and pack ratting.  Her mission field was the Seven Oaks mall.

Favorite Expression: I was SO laughing!

Michelle and Oma

Michelle and Käthe Adam

Oma in 1943 (18 years)

Käthe Adam in 1943

Some Great-grandchildren Christmas 2007

Käthe Adam and Some Great Grandchildren at Christmas 2007

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