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Answering Muslims 50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet
Comparing Jesus and Muhammad, Christianity and Islam
Engaging with Islam - A Ministry of Samuel Green
Exposing Islam and the Islamic threat, ex-Muslims speak out.
Fortress of Faith
islam Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time
Islam’s Persecution of Christians Fortress of Faith
Jihad Watch
Muslim Ideology and Christian Apologetics
New FBI hate crime stats show yet again that claims about “Islamophobia” are false
One Muslim who is telling the truth
Pew Poll Quantifies the Radical Minority of U.S. Muslims Islamist Watch
Political Islam
Qur'an - Koran - Some versions
Quran Koran Explorer - Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)
The Koran
Three Stages of Jihad - YouTube#t=32
What Is Islam - YouTube
What Really Happened In The Middle East - Terrorism Awareness Project
Yusuf al-Qaradawi Killing Of Apostates Is Essential For Islam To Survive - YouTube
 All About Muhammad
▶ Muhammad Explains the Universe (Islam and Science, Part One) - YouTube
▶ Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State) - YouTube

A Chronology of Rob Bell on Hell & Love Wins book
Access Research Network Home Page
Adam-God - Brigham Young's Theory or Divine Doctrine
Alleged Biblical Discrepancies and-or contradictions
Alpha and Omega Ministries on Roman Catholicism
An Evening With Ray Comfort by NoGodCast
Answers In Action, Apologetics and Cult Research
Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses
Barna Research Online
Bethel Antiquarian Books (Old JW books)
Bible Answer Man - Broadcast Archives
Bible Answer Man - Live Broadcast
Bible Picture Tour- Homepage
Bibles, Concordances, Compmentaries, etc
Biblical Philosophy - Logic - Eastern Western
BreakPoint Home Page
CARM - Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Creation Research Society
CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
Grace Online Library Historic Baptist, Reformed & Puritan Resources
Greek and Hebrew Interlinear Bible and Concordance
How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging in Your Church
How To Spot The Emergent Church Entering Yours - Jan Markell - Eric Barger - YouTube
Imago Dei Christian Community - Emergent Church
Index of 100+ Versions of the Scriptures
Institute of Creation Research (ICR)
islam Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time
John MacArthur on the Emergent Church pt1 - YouTube
John MacArthur on the Emergent Church pt2 - YouTube
John Piper - The emergent church - YouTube
Joyce Meyer DM472 -
Leadership University
Open The Gates Ministry- Opening doors for Muslims to experience the love of Jesus Christ
Personal Freedom Outreach
Proclaiming The Gospel Ministries
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries - Dr. Ron Rhodes
Reinventing Jesus
Stand to Reason (Christian Apologetics Organization)
Summer Institute of Linquistics (SIL) Wycliffe Bible Translat
Ten Commandments and their
The Bagavad Gita Or The Bhagavad Gita - Searchable English
The Berean Beacon
The Big Religion Comparison Chart
The Da Vinci Code Separating Fact From Fiction
The Four Spiritual Laws by Dr. Bill Bright
The King James Only debate
Uninformed, Misinformed, Illogical, Incomplete - Apologetics 315 - Reviewing a Book
What turned Youth off Christianity
Who is the real Jesus - Facts about Jesus Christ
Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses Course — The facts about Jesus presented by Scholars.

Bethel Baptist

Bethel Baptist Church, Home page
Bethel Baptist Church, Opportunities
Job Description


America's Crisis Pregnancy Helpline
B.C. Parents and Teachers for Life
Cowichan Pro-Life
Life Chain Registration Form
Life Chain site
Mormons and Abortion
Protest Partial Birth Abortions
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
Victoria ProLife VPL Online Database - 30
Victoria Right-To-Life

Shawnigan Alliance Church

CanadaHelps - Home
Christian and Missionary Alliance-USA
CMAC Statement of Faith
SAC Account - Online Business Manager (Version 2.0 Revision 19.0)
SAC Web Page Indexing using Atomz - Login
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Acknowledgments
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Deacons
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Donate to us
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Education
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Elders
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Events
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Good Friday Animation
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Happy New Year
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Home page
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Information Request
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Kids
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Links
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Location
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Merry Christmas
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Missions
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Opportunities
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Preschool web page1
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Service Videos
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Small Groups
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Staff
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Worship Arts
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Youth Events
Shawnigan Alliance Church, Youth
Statement Of Faith

Assocation For Reformed Political Action ARPA Canada
Bible Front End to Bible Gateway
Bible Search
Bible Topical Search
Bike for Bibles Canadian Bible Society
Biola University
Bob George
Briercrest Family of Schools
Central Baptist Church, Victoria BC
Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada
Christian Financial Concepts - Crown Financial Ministries
Christian perspective on eating disorders
CHRISTIAN WEBMASTER- Christian Graphics Gallery
Christianity Today
Church & Bible Study Software
Cybersalt Communications Ministry - Good Humour
Directory of Christian Educational Institutions
Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries)
Dr. Francis Beckwith
Duncan Christian School
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Family Movie and TV Review
Focus on the Family -- with Dr. James Dobson
GraceNet WWW Main Title Page
Internet for Christians Newsletter
Intolerance and Hatred against Christians - Stephen Boissoin
Large Print Bible
Mercy Ministries - BC - Women addictions
Natural Christian Directory
Nave's Topical Bible
Our Daily Bread
People to People Ministries - Bob George -
Promise Keepers
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
Regent College (Vancouver BC)
Rift Valley Academy (Africa)
Stephen and Lourdinha Veness
The Concise Matthew Henry Commentary
The Cyber Hymnal
The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)
The WWW Bible Gateway
Todd M. Beamer Foundation, Inc. HERO
Trinity Western University
Victoria Pacific Rim Alliance Church
Youth Dynamics
YouTube - Christ Arose - Easter Hymn
YWAM International's Welcome Page


BC Randonneurs Cycling Club
Bentrider Online - Recumbent and trike news
Bike Lights -- DiNotte Lighting USA
Cambie Cycles - Recuments and Trikes - Vancouver BC
Cycling Solutions — Specialists in Cycling Education ™
DiNotte Lighting Ultimate Road Bicycle Lights
Hals Cycling
Hostel Shoppe Recumbents,- bicycles, trikes and accessories
Hurricane Ridge Ride Announcement
Inspired Cycle Engineering ICE Trikes
Mountain Passes - Comparisons
North Park Bike Shop - Victoria, BC
Online Bike Store- Merlin Cycles - British
Roughley Bicycle Tours
Tour de Farce bike rides
Trike Flags
Velokit for trikes


Accrete Energy Inc. (GZ)
Baden Technologies Inc. (BDZ)
Cameco Corporation --- Uranium - Gold - Fuel - Electricity - Mining - Milling - Refining - TSX - CCO
CDIC What is covered - Savings and RRSP
Claymore Global Agriculture ETF - COW
Exchange Traded Funds vs. Mutual Funds
Gold Price graphs
ING DIRECT Canada Rates
Mega Uranium Ltd. - Formerly Maple Minerals
Migao Corporation (MGO)
Norex Exploration Services Inc. (NRX)
President's Choice Financial Rates
TSX Group - GZ- Accrete Energy Inc
TSX Group - MGA - Mega Uranium Ltd
TSX Group - MGO - Migao
TSX Group - Stock symbol Quotes
TSX Group - XIC - ETF - Edda recommended

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Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Excite Search
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Internet Address Finder
Microsoft Knowledge Base Search
PersonalSeek Internet finder
Reverse Phone Number Search - Find a Person
The Lycos Home Page- Hunting WWW Information
The Open Text Index
WebCrawler Searching
Webster's dictionary Search
Welcome GoodSearch Search the Internet with GoodSearch and support your favorite charity or school

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Microsoft Knowledge Base Keyword Index
Reference Best Source for Facts on the Net -


Circle the Cat
EnCircle the Cat


Canadac Computers Online sales
CDS,Inc. Best Prices in the USA
Compaq Computer Corporation
Computer Service - Victoria BC Priority 1
Dell Computer
Driver Drivers Windows95-98-2000-NT-XP Drivers Complete Driver Hardware Search
IBM Personal Computing Home Page
Jumper Settings for 18655 devices
London Drugs - Tillicum Road
Paradon Computer Systems Ltd
The Acer Group
Twinhead Corp
US Robotics


European Hoax warnings - Virus Hoaxes
Scam Busters
Urban Legends Archive - Newsgroup alt.folklore.urban
Urban Legends Reference Pages -


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Island Net (Mark Morley)

FAX anyone in Victoria area
Home page
ISLAND NET- Account Stats
ISLAND NET- Purchase Time
Islandnet Helpdesk
Web Gadgets (CGIs)
Web Server Stats


cPanel Login
Webhosting dedicated virtual provider including reselling domain registration dedicated servers web design host packages

Sprint IP Services
Victoria Free-Net Home Page
Webhosting dedicated virtual provider including reselling domain registration dedicated servers web design host packages
Webtec Cowichan Valley Internet Provider
WestCoast LAN Company (Mike Smith)


Google Maps
▶ WhatA-FriendWeHaveInJesus

Links for United States



DFSMS-MVS V1R3 Access Method Services for ICF
IBM BookManager® BookServer Search Page
IBM Manual TCP-IP V3R2 for MVS Users Guide
OS-390 V2R10.0 ISPF Dialog Developer's Guide and Reference
OS-390 V2R10.0 ISPF Planning and Customizing
OS-390 V2R10.0 ISPF Services Guide
OS-390 V2R10.0 ISPF User's Guide Vol I
OS-390 V2R10.0 ISPF User's Guide Vol II
OS-390 V2R10.0 MVS System Messages- Vol 4-IEC-IFD
OS-390 V2R10.0 TSO-E Bookshelf via IBM BookManager BookServer
OS-390 V2R10.0 TSO-E CLISTs
OS-390 V2R10.0 TSO-E Command Reference
OS-390 V2R8.0 ISPF Edit and Edit Macros
OS-390 V2R8.0 ISPF User's Guide
OS-390 V2R8.0 SecureWay CS IP Msgs V1 (EZA)
OS-390 V2R8.0 SecureWay CS IP User's Guide via IBM BookManage
OS-390 V2R8.0 TSO-E REXX Reference
OS-390 V2R9.0 TSO-E Customization
OS-390 V2R9.0 TSO-E User's Guide via IBM BookManager BookServ
TCP-IP V3R2 for MVS User's Guide
z-OS V1R2.0 TSO-E REXX User's Guide
z-OS V1R4 MVS Data Areas, Vol 1
z-OS V1R4.0 MVS JCL Reference
z-OS V1R4.0 MVS JCL User's Guide
z-OS V1R5.0 ISPF Planning and Customizing
z-OS V1R6.0 DFSMS Access Method Services
z-OS V2R13.0 DFSMSdfp Utilities



Canada's network for news, politics, and opinions
Digital Trends - Technology news, product reviews and app reviews
High and Internet News - DAILY ROTATION
News less LEFT wing - - Home - News
U.S Conservative News
WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People


CHRONICLES - a NON-Left Wing magazine published by The Rockford Institute
InfoWorld Electric Page One
Mark Steyn -
NGS - National Geographic Online
PC Magazine
Popular Science
TIME Universe
Western Standard
Ziff-Davis Publishing (Computer Magazines)


Bible Answer Man - Live Broadcast
CBC Radio News Every Hour
CBC Radio on The Internet
CBC Radio Programs Page
cfax 1070 AM Radio in Victoria
Christian Radio Index
Online Praise-Worship Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - Mission Air Radio Radio Tuner


ABC News and Entertainment
CNN Videoselect
ESPN Sports
Fox News
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips

Capitol Records
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video
CNET Today - Technology News
CNN Videoselect
ESPN Sports
Fox News
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
Internet Radio Guide
NBC VideoSeeker
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
What's On Now
Windows Media Showcase

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IE Add-on site
IE site on
Microsoft At Home
Microsoft At Work
Microsoft Store
Welcome to IE7

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MSN Autos
MSN Entertainment
MSN Money
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Oldy Juke Box - The Music Room
Our Musical Heritage - Playa Cofi Jukebox
YouTube - musical leaf-Amazing Grace -Leaf flute
YouTube - Musical leaf-Whispering Hope - Leaf Flute

Personal Home Pages

Canadian Communications - Andrew Weiss
Dave & Donna Marttunen Home
Ezra Levant
Hal Adam's Personal Home Page
Jim Lackey's WWW Home Page
Mike Wongs Home Page Dr. S.K.M. Wong
Peter Freeman's Home Page
Rolf Adam in Manson Creek
Tim and Karlyn's Travel BLOG
Tim Campbell's Photo Galleries at


Anonymous Surfing - SafeWeb
Anti-virus-Certified Products-ICSALabs
AntiOnline - Computer Security - Hacking & Hackers
avast 4 Home - Free antivirus software - free virus protection for home PC
Computer Virus Myths home page
DSL - - ADSL Security check
Email content security tests - anti-virus and more
Free Anti-Virus software - AVG
free antivirus tools - Trend Micro
Free Secure Email - Encryption & Email Security Software Comodo
Home Computer Security - basic overview
Home of Gibson Research Corporation - Virus Hoaxes
Navas Cable Modem-DSL Tuning Guide
Nod32 Anti Virus
Online malware - Virus Trojan Worm scan
Password Recovery Speeds
Password Safe 1
Password Safe 2
PC and Internet Security-GRC Security Now
Secunia Online Software Inspector OSI
Security Test Port Scanner
Symantec Security Response - Virus Removal Tools
Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities - SANS
Ultra High Security Password Generator
Urban Legends - Scam busters
Urban Legends Don't Believe Everything You Read
Urban Myths, Legends, Folklore and Fairytales
Virus Tutorial
Vulnerability and Virus Information - Secunia
ZoneAlarm by Zone Labs-FREE Firewall


Channels via Duncan
Complete list of channels in your area
Online Activation for new Digital Terminals (also to RESET them)
Selective Phone Call Blocking
Shaw Television — List of channels in your area -



Adobe Reader - Download
Excel Viewer 2003 - download
PowerPoint Viewer 2003-download
Word Viewer 2003-download


IBM AntiVirus Home Page
IBM BookManager - Latest Versions of IBM Library Readers
IBM BookManager home page
IBM Canada year 2000 solutions
IBM Education & Training Canada - Home Page
IBM ID logon
IBM Personal Software
IBM Public Information and Services Main Menu - GUEST
IBM Redbooks Homepage
IBM System-390 Home Page
IBM Whois - search for an employee's email ad
IBMLink in Canada
Interactive System Productivity Facility
OS-390 Internet library
OS-390 UNIX System Services
The IBM home page
The IBM software home page


Virus Data Files



Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page
Windows 95 Service Pack 1


Windows 98 Second Edition Tips.txt


BartPE-Boot Disk
Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP

Description of the Windows 95, Windows 98 and Millennium Edit
Hardware Compatibility Lists downloads hcl
IE 5.x Web Accessories
Internet Explorer Home Page
Microsoft Canada Partners - Reseller Evalution Program
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft NetMeeting
Microsoft Office - FrontPage Home
Microsoft Personal Security Advisor
Microsoft Products
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
Microsoft Technical Support Web Response
Microsoft Windows Update
Microsoft® Clip Gallery Live
Software specials for Charitable Societies - giving
TCP-IP Troubleshooting Tools [ARP cache, viewing and editing
Valid Load Failures Listed in the Bootlog.txt File - Q127970
Welcome to Internet Start
Windows Processes explained -


Zone Labs Support

Do-it-yourself Service Pack-Offline updates - heise Security (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, m (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) - DriverGu
FairUse4WM - a WM-DRM removal program - Doom9's Forum
Hardware Software Auditor - Belarc Advisor
HP Learning Center - free online software
Interactive Output Facility (IOF) Technical Support
The 40 Most Popular Tools For Your System Admin Bag
Update Your PC - CatchUp Services -
Update Your PC - - ZDNet (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers
WinSite. Windows9x Utilities


Customer Contact Centre - CCC
Knowledge Management Portal
Microsoft Outlook Web Access
P-Synch Self-service login
Security Requests Menu
teamTELUS portal Communities
TELUS Chat Customer Login
TELUS Enterprise Solutions Inc
TELUS Team Directory
TELUS teamZine
TSR (Technology Service Request)
TSR (Technology Service Request)
Virus Central- Main Page
Windows 2000 EndUserDocumentation

Virtual Stuff

Virtual Flowers Homepage

Web tools


CSS Centering Auto-width Margins
CSS School or Tutorial
The CSS3 Test
W3C CSS Validation Service


DHTML Methods
TABINDEX Attribute tabIndex Property


A Beginner's Guide to HTML
ASCII to Hex - Free text conversion tools
CSV To HTML Converter
HTML Quick Reference (10-11-95)
HTML Source Verification
The HTML Writers Guild Website
W3C HTML Validation Service


JavaScript Goodies - Get a Cursor
JavaScript Goodies - View Source
JavaScript Goodies
JavaScript School
JavaScript Source Master List
The JavaScript Source Message Scripts
The JavaScript Source Messages Information Box


PHP chmod - Change File Access mode
PHP file handling
PHP Tutorial - Juicy Studio
PHP Tutorial - W3schools


Firewall Forensics FAQ (What am I seeing)
IANA Protocol-Number Assignments Directory
IP ports, 0 through 1023
IPv4 Special Use Addresses - RFC 3330
Network Tools DNS,IP,Email, BlackLists
Packet Sniffers
Registered ports, 1024 through 49151


Country Codes - ISO 3166
HTML Symbol Entities Reference
W3C HTML Validation Service XHTML specification
XHTML School

XML - Protocol
XML School


XSL Tutorial

1st Page 2000 Support Forum
Adobe - Flash Player Settings Manager
CIRA - Canadian Internet Registration Authority
Craig Cecil--Tools to Check Your Site
DevGuru Links Page
Effective church web pages
FastSubmit - Submit your website to search engines for FREE!
Free Clip Art - Over 10,000 free categorized clip art images!
Get URL Information - Fagan Finder - beta
Global Broadband Speed Test
Global domain name search and registration -
Hex RGB Color Calculator
IANA — Root Zone Database
ISP upload and Download Speed test -
List of MIME Types
MSDN and Web Workshop
My WAN IP - IP Address Detection (
Points to Pixels Conversions
QR Code Generator from the ZXing Project - E-mail Sender Score for IP or domain
Shaw Speedtest
Speakeasy - Internet Connection Speed Test
Syndicating Your Web Site's Content with RSS
Tool Tips a Canadian Domain Registrar
Whois By IP Address
Whois lookup and Domain name search


SAC Domain Registrar
TRKHosting Web Host cPanel Login

Windows Live

Get Windows Live
Windows Live Gallery
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Spaces

1010TIRES.COM - Stores About - Vancouver - Marine
2004 BCSC 133 Kempling v. The British Columbia College of Teachers -FREE SPEACH NO MORE
Abundant Legal MIDI Files of Public Domain Tunes
ACSI on the Internet
Air Canada Jazz - Kurts job
Air Canada
Airbus A380 - cockpit 360 degrees
Allen Chen's Duncan House
Alt Key Symbols
Amazing Anamorphic Illusions Flat Paper Looks 3D - Seeing Is Believing - NOT
American History Online - objects at Smithsonian
Andrew's Server
Angelika Weiss Lakeland Suites
Aptera - Electic Car
Art Galleries and Museums
Aviation Videos
Bacterial and Fungal Diseases
Barnes & Noble
BC College of Teachers
BC Ferries Reservations
BC Ferries
Birthday Calculator
Bob Thirsk - Next space flight - Online books
Border Gold - Home Page
Border Gold - Precious metals Buy & Sell prices - spread
British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer BCCAT
Canadian Airlines Web
Canadian Alliance Nanaimo-Cowichan Constituency Association
Canadian Area Codes
Canadian Postal Code Lookup - Canada Post
Cat Scratch Disease
CDCheck - CD checking and recovery software
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Christian Midi Hymns
CIRA - Registrars List
CommerceNet Home
Computer Languages History
Computer Practical Jokes
Conversion Factors —
Conversions - German Site
Convert Liters Per 100 Kilometers to Miles Per Gallon (US)
Converting Addresses and Messages to Microsof
CRA - Canada Revenue Agency Log In or Register
Dino Kartsonakis
Disk and File System barriers
Doctor reviews and ratings
Donate to Canadian Registered Charities or Societies
Eagle Owl - slow motion
English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary -
Entomology at Colorado State University
ETF - Exchange Traded Funds 1
Evrsoft - Cool Software for Web Builders
ExploreTunes Provides Free Access to the Songs and Videos of over 200,000 Artists
Family Movie and TV Review - the java icon generator
FAX Federal Government MPs
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Express
Federal Government Tax deduction TD1 forms for 2001
File Extensions-FileExtensions-defined
FLesh Eating Disease - Live flight tracker!
Flyers -
Flyers and Ads -
Font Freak - Free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC an
Free TV from around the world
Freeware tools from Xteq Systems
Galileo Home Page (JPL)
German - English On-line Dictionary
Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
Global Warming Deception - Climate Depot
Gold - Live Market Quotes
Granny Guard
GUIDE International - An IBM User Group - Books online
Hal Adam's Bookmarks
Helijet Airways Official Home Page
HST - The Great BC Liberal Tax Grab
IMN User Tips
InfoSeek Net Search Results- necrotizing fasciitis
Intel x86 File Systems NTFS FAT
International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones
International Currency Converter
IObit Freeware
Junk Science - Steven Milloy, Publisher
Kelley Blue Book - New Car Pricing, Used Car Values
Kinsol Trestle Rehabilitation Project - Web cam
Langa List, Current Issue
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
Lisa's Car Electric Narrow
Lisa's Car, Electric Tango, narrow
Locate Bar Code maker and web page
London Drugs Flyer
Lufthansa to Europe Geography Game
MagicJack vs. Skype vs. Vonage The Internet Phone Service Showdown
MagicJack-International rates
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the
More Guns - Less Crime - John Lott
Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
Movieguide The Family Guide to Movie Reviews
Muslim Demographics
MX Lookup Tool - Check your DNS MX Records - check if blacklisted E-mail
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives
Navigator to Internet Audio - Napigator
NavyOnLine Home Page
NETFILE Income taxes to CCRA
Obituaries - Remembering - Major Cities in Canada
Olympic National Park - Hurricane Ridge Webcam
Pacific Blue Cross, B.C. Life, Burnaby, British Columbia, Can
PC Pitstop Bench Mark
Periodic Table - Matter - Dynamic - Property - State
Post-secondary Application Service
President's Choice Financial FEES - fees - rip off
President's Choice Financial
Putting Practise - Golf Game
Registry Backup and Restore
Replacement Batteries for PC, Laptop, etc
s-video vs. composite video vs. component video
Shawna's Virtual Flower Shop
Shelf Life Guide For Food
Smithsonian Table of Contents
Space Shuttle Discovery Cockpit- 360VR Images
SPAM FAQ or Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts. Rev 20010728
Special Font Characters ALT Key Characters
Sprint Canada Home Page
Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products
Statistics Canada - Statistique Canada
Table of contents for The Heart- A Virtual Exploration
TechRepublic - IT information
Text-to-Speech - many languages
The Converters Paradise
The Dilbert Zone
The Great Global Warming Swindle - Produced by WAGTV - YouTube
The Nine Planets
The Online Desert
The White House
Toro - Homeowner Snowblowers
Unclaimed Balances Search Facility - Bank Money
US Airforce Museum Virtual Tour
US Patent Database
UVIC Internet ID's
UVicINFO - University of Victoria
Victoria movies
Victoria, British Columbia - 5 Day Weather Forecast - Environment Canada
VIHA - IT Jobs
Volvo 850 Parts
Volvo Parts
VW Confirms 1L Concept Will Become Reality in 2010
Walt Disney World
Weather - Environment Canada
WebMag Online - The No#1 Resource for Web Builders
Windows 98 Second Edition Tips.txt
Windows Product Key - Keyfinder v2.0.1
WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine
World Clock and Statistics
World Video Tour
World Wide Web of Sports
XIC Chart
YouTube - Happy Birthday