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I was always remember Lisa as the perfect person to share two of the same names.   Lisa and my friendship did not start as it ended.  We did not start out as friends and we had to laugh later at the reason.  We both thought the other hated us.  

I remember Lisa in high school and her bathroom races.  She would get me to stand outside the bathroom door and time to see how quickly she could go to the bathroom, wash her hands and come out.  I really don't think you could wash your hands properly in that amount of time.  I remember how Lisa and I in badminton always seemed to know which birdie the other was going to hit without having to say a word.  We worked well as a team even though the only stoke we knew was the smash.  I remember how Lisa used to start the 4 by 100 and I would finish.  How Lisa and I were so proud as we were the first to learn how to serve overhand in volleyball.  I remember when we would go over to Lisa's house to watch a movie and there was the three strikes and it's out rule.  The times in high school where someone would call Lisa and we would both laugh which would make people laugh.  Then how we both stopped looking which would make us laugh.  How we would giggle when we called each other and said "Hi, Lisa it's Lisa."  I remember going trick or treating and Michelle and Jackie dressed up as "Humans" and Lisa and I went out in our silly costumes.  I feel comforted by the thought that I have a friend waiting for me in Heaven.  Let us not think of Lisa being taken from us but think of it as the time we were blessed to have her in our lives.

Lisa Marie Adam and Lisa Marie Mayea
photo of Lisa Adam and Lisa Mayea.

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