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Adam, Lisa Marie
Lisa at 18, her High School graduation
June 7, 1979 - August 16, 2007 8:31 PM PDT

Lisa, our beloved daughter, sister, and friend entered the presence of her Lord Jesus Christ.  She was only 28 years old.

She will be greatly missed and tenderly remembered by her parents Hal and Marie Adam, her sisters Sonya and Michelle (Tim) Harris.

She was a graduate of Duncan Christian School and earned her CGA (Canadian General Accounting).  Lisa had jobs with Thrifty Foods, Chan and Wong, and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.  Her last job was with KPMG Accounting in Victoria.

Lisa was born in the Cowichan District Hospital in Duncan and grew up in beautiful Mill Bay on Vancouver Island.  She was the middle child, and had two sisters Michelle and Sonya.  She lived close to the sea, the mountains, and the forests and from this proximity to nature, developed a love for swimming, hiking, and cycling.

She attended kindergarten in the one-room school in Cobble Hill, and then for Grade 1, proceeded to the two-room school in Mill Bay where the current shopping centre now stands.  Lisa began grade 2 at Duncan Christian School and continued there until her graduation.  These were rich years where she was challenged intellectually and nurtured spiritually.  Lisa was an excellent student with a sharp mind, who applied herself diligently and loved to compete with fellow classmates and especially her good friend, Sam Chen.  .Her Grade 12 missions trip to Mexico had a profound impact on her and from this she gained insight and compassion for the poor and downtrodden.  She gladly bought a meal for street people whenever they were willing to accept her offer.  Lisa's gentleness, kindness and desire to serve others were rooted in her deep faith in Christ.

Lisa was a talented musician who could play the piano with a wonderful touch.  She took lessons for many years and completed Grade 10 with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Lisa was a sharp mathematician with a mind that appreciated organization, therefore accounting appeared a natural fit for her.  She earned her CGA (Certified General Accountant) all by correspondance and her last job was with KPMG Accounting in Victoria.  Despite the challenges she had with her health, she was determined to finish her education and find a place for herself in the professional world.  In fact in the week before she died, she applied for a bussary with the CGA association for her last two courses towards her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Lisa handled her finances well.  From her few jobs she was able to invest in stocks which she later sold and put on a down payment for her own condo in Victoria.

Lisa had many loyal friends that stood by her even as her illness continued to gain ground.  We thank them for their love.  She enjoyed attending church and its many functions throughout her life.  When she moved to Victoria about 5 years ago, Central Baptist became her home church.  Lisa will be greatly missed and cherished in our hearts forever.

Some tributes

PLEASE check back frequently as more information will be added. Hal ... Lisa's dad.

Those wishing to make a memorial donation can do so to:
Mercy Ministries of Canada
6788 152 Street
Surrey BC V3S 3L4

For donations by phone Mercy Ministries of Canada please call 604.596.2422 and let the person know it is in memory of Lisa Adam.

Lisa Adam at 16 BEFORE anorexia
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