Questioning their Major Doctrines

Most JW's believe they know God's word inside out.   They have 5 meetings a week.  The Bible is their commentary on the WT and Awake magazine which they study.   See Abram's Advice

Bullet The Bible is God's Word

We agree.  Buy their "The Kingdom Interlinear Traslantion of the Greek Scriptures" and show them how it has been modified.

Bullet God is only one person

Read Awake Dec 22, 1982 page 25 (their comments on Mormon God).  More details later.

Bullet Jesus is the Archangel Michael

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16 from NIV and NWT.  More details later.

Bullet Jesus resurrected as spirit body?

A spiritual body (of flesh and bone) does not imply Jesus was raised as a "spirit body" as the JW's claim.

Bullet holy spirit is active force

JW's teach: Not a person and not a part of the Trinity.   They do not capitalize the Holy Spirit.  More details later.

Bullet Human soul is not immortal

Also know as Soul Sleep.  Taught also by World Wide Church of God.   More details later.

Bullet No eternal punishment

Even some evangelicals are now teaching this (John Stott, Michael Green).  More details later.

Acronyms defined

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