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Font displayed .EOT file Font XHTML
African .EOT file font XHTML
AirCut Light .EOT file font XHTML
Airstream .EOT file font XHTML
Almonte Snow .EOT file font XHTML
Angelica .EOT file font XHTML
AntsyPants .EOT file font XHTML
Bon Apetit MT - eg o .EOT file font XHTML
Scribble .EOT file font XHTML
YoungStar .EOT file font XHTML

The fonts are being displayed with 32px size.

NOTE: the XHTML code and .eot file will ONLY work if your web page that uses them resides on a web server at and/or .  This is due to Microsoft WEFT(Web Embedding Fonts Tool) forcing restrictions into the .eot file when it is created.

This web page was designed to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and looks best in a CSS aware browser, which, unfortunately, yours is not.  However, the web page text should still be readable.

This web page is compliant with the W3C 'Strict' XHTML 1.0 DTD(Document Type Definition)! The Cascading Style Sheets used by this web page have been validated!