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1) Why do you suggest we use MSIE 4.0 or greater as our web browser instead of Netscape Navigator/Communicator or Mozilla or Firefox?

Unfortunately the Netscape Navigtor family does not support ActiveX controls.   One of the controls available, the Tabular Data Control (TDC) let's me obtain data from a simple file at my ISP web host, and use it to generate dynamic web page tables.  This is NOT possible (as far as I am aware) with any other Internet Browsers.  I need to be able use this feature so that I do not have to update the web pages with changing information all the time, but rather, obtain the required data from a simple Comma Separated Variable (.CSV) file.

2) Your web page information is obsolete.  Why don't you update it more often?

Many times the web page has in fact been updated.  You should first try to do a refresh of the web page from your web browser.  This can be done by clicking on the icon with two arrows on it if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  This refreshes your PC's web page cache with a more recent copy.  Sometimes a web host can have their own web page cache on their web page server.   This means one can still have an outdated web page served to them.  To have both your own PC's web page cache refreshed and a web hosts web page cache refreshed, press the Ctrl-F5 keys (i.e. Press Ctrl and keep it down and then press F5).  If after all this, you believe the web page still contains obsolete information, then please contact, Hal Adam and let me know.

3) How do I temporarily get rid of all the Browser buttons and the input field at the top of Internet Explorer's Window?

Press F11 to display a full screen; press F11 again to get the Browser buttons and input field back.

4) How can I open any link in a New Window?

Simply press the "Shift" key BEFORE clicking on the link.

5) Why is the text on your web page so small?

Most modern web pages use small text.  For example, see the W3C school.   They then allow you to increase the text size if you desire via the web browser you are using.

This web page was designed to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and looks best in a CSS aware browser, which, unfortunately, yours is not.  However, the web page text should still be readable.

This web page is compliant with the W3C 'Strict' XHTML 1.0 DTD(Document Type Definition)! The Cascading Style Sheets used by this web page have been validated!