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Marie and Hal at SAC

Born: Many... many moons ago.

Born again: June 10th 1972 at St. Margaret's Church in Vancouver.

Marital Status: Happily married for over 41 years.
We had 3 beautiful daughters one of whom Lisa, is already with our Lord.
In our house we used to have four beauties and one beast.

Education: Bachelors of Science from UBC with majors in Math and Computer Science;
Minors in Physics and Chemistry.

Occupation: Formerly a Systems programmer; now retired.

Current Employer: None.

Previous Employers:
MVS Software Services, Host Services of WTS of the Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services -
of the BC Government contracted to Telus;
MVS Software Services of PTRS of CITS of Solutions BC of the Ministry of Labour & Citizens' Services -
of the BC Government contracted to Telus;
ITSD, Ministry of Advanced Education and Training;
ITSD, Ministry of Employment and Investment;
ITSD, Ministry of Finance;
ITSD, Ministry of Government Services;
ITSD, BC Systems;
HTS Hi-Tech Systems;
Ministry of Health, BC Government;
CP Air;
UIC - Federal Government.
PTRS = Pacific Technology Resource Society
CITS = Common Information Technology Services
MSERV = Ministry of Management Services
ITSD = Information Technology Services Division
BCSC = British Columbia Systems Corporation
UIC = Unemployment Insurance Commission

Religion: Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  NOTE: Knowing ABOUT Jesus is NOT the same as knowing Him.

Hobbies: Apologetics (giving a defense of the Christian Faith),
cycling, reading, Personal Computers, web page designing,
hiking, gardening, studying other religions, and studying the Evolution/Creation Issue.

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