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Announcement UPDATE!!

PLEASE check back for any further updates.

Since I am now 73 years OLD, I am no longer motivated to train for this ride.  I missed riding up in 2018 due to what I call a knee attack.   My artificial knee gave me such pain I could only hop on the other leg.   My GP and Specialist do not know what the problem is.   I think it has something to do with my real knee cap that somehow lossens up.   It takes me about 10 days to be able to walk again.   In future years, tLw, I will most likely be taking my trike up at a LOT slower, leisurely pace.   I triked up on August 3rd 2019.  My trike and contents weighed 67 lbs and I weighed 172 lbs for a total of 239 lbs.   Due to my being overweight and the very hot and humid conditions for the first 3rd (the steepest part) of this ride I took 4 hours and ten minutes, my WORST time ever.   I was unable to cycle or trike up in 2020 and 2021 due to the US Canada Border being closed due to the Covid19 insane overkill 'health' rules.   tLw, I may do another attempt with my touring bike some time in 2022 once the Covid19phobia and insanity stops!   Please E-mail me if you are interested in coming along.  The most important criterion is the weather forecast and it must be a Saturday since it is nearly impossible to get free parking in Victoria on a week day.  When I did a previous ride in August of 2017 I also hiked Hurricane Hill and left a photo of my deceased daughter, Lisa at the summit.  She had always wanted to do the ride with me.   A few photos of this ride are viewable here

MyClick here for a larger picture of Hal next ride would be my 32th ride to the top (5 with my trike) and my 26th year of doing this.  Since I am now 73, if I can do this ride so can you. Smiley image

I take the Coho ferry to Port Angeles and cycle on a paved road from sea level to nearly 1 mile up (5242 feet exactly, just a few feet short of a mile) over an 18 mile (or 29 KM) uphill stretch of beautiful scenery.   This distance is from the lower Visitor Center which itself is about 3.5 KM from the Coho ferry dock.  The hill grade (slope) may be viewed here.

Bob McInnes Click here for a larger picture of Bob , who is over 75 years young started this annual tradition.   Bob has completed this ride at least 26 times.
Sam Fisher Click here for a larger picture of Sam, who got me addicted to this ride has done at least 17 rides.   It is with sadness that I am letting you know that Sam Fisher passed on, on Oct 12 2017.  His challenges to us will be missed by all!

On the 24th of August 2010 I took a trike ride with Brian Collier.   My trike and contents weighed 66 lbs and I weighed 158 lbs for a total of 224 lbs which I took to the top.   I did not do a ride in 2008 due to the road being closed to cyclists.  The section of road from the toll booth to the top vistor's center has been repaved and is a lot smoother now.  Unfortunately the very narrow shoulder has not been widened although there are more pull outs and paved rest areas now.

For some weather reports see Hurricane Ridge and Port Angeles.  To see conditions at the top view this Web Cam

When at the top and on a clear day, a very short hike allows one to see Victoria and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  The view is spectacular.  It is highly recommended that you take this trip only on a mainly sunny day.   It is no fun walking around in the clouds and/or rain at the top.

The Coho ferry leaves Victoria at 6:10 AM and arrives back at Victoria at 2:45 PM or 6:55 PM depending on whether we catch the 12:45 or 5:15 PM sailing back from Port Angeles.  The ONE way cost is $19.00 US per person and $6.50 US for the bike (as of 2019-06-30).   Canadian cash, US cash, Visa, Mastercard, or traveler's cheque are accepted.

Victoria cyclists can meet at Black Ball Transport, 430 Belleville (386.2202).   There is an additional cost of $15 US to enter Olympic National Park.

If you are from the U.S. and would like to come along, I leave the lower Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center about 8:30 AM.  You could also meet me at the Black Ball Ferry terminal at 8:00 AM and cycle with me from there.

You may cycle at your own pace or cycle with a group but we all meet at the top.  Traditionally we have all travelled down together some time between 3:00 and 3:30 PM.

This is a great one day bike trip and a formidable personal challenge.   To see how this hill compares with others in B.C. and Alberta check out this table of Mountain Passes.  All finishers of this hill are HIGH achievers!

In order to get into the U.S. a Passport is now required.  A BC drivers licence and your birth certificate and/or Canadian Citizenship document are NO longer good enough.


From the Coho Ferry Terminal, turn left onto Railroad Ave.   About 1/2 a block down, turn right (heading south) onto Laurel St.   Two blocks further, turn left (heading east) down 1st Street.   About 5 blocks down 1st Street, turn right (heading south) down Race St.   This road will take you to the "Olympic National Park Visitor Center" (on your right).  From Race St. turn right up the "Heart of the Hills Parkway" and you only have 18 miles (about 29 kilometers) left to go.

My Recommendations for First Time Cyclists:

Pace yourself.
Stop at all view points and have a snack.
Take at least 2 liters of sports drink along.
If it is a cool day (60 F or less) take leg warmers and arm warmers.
Take tire irons and one tube (just in case you get a flat).
If you think this ride is too tough check out this.

Please keep these points in mind:

My first ride up on a heavy mountain bike with both bike bags took me over 3 hours.   So pacing is very important.  You have from 8:30 am (when most people leave the lower Visitor Center) to 3:30 PM to make it.  That leaves 1 hour to cycle down (easy for anyone to make that time) and that takes us to 4:30 pm and leaves 1/2 hour in case you get a flat (to 5:00 pm) and still have 15 minutes to spare till the 5:15 pm ferry leaves for Victoria.  I know a 72 year old who made it up in 4 hours and one woman who had done no training and had a heavy mountain bike with loaded bags who took just over 5 hours.  A bike racer does it in 1 1/2 hours or less (from the Lower Visitor Center).  The fastest bike racer time I am aware of is 1:15.  

Please check out these links for our list of finishers and for our previous rides or contact Hal Adam.

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