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In 2000, I decided I should do something special to celebrate year 2000.   I decided to surprise my cousin Kurt in Calgary by cycling from my home in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island to his house in Calgary.   I mapped out a route and asked my wife to accompany me in our van.   Each day, I started cycling at about 5:00 am in order to beat the traffic and heat.  This also allowed, my wife, Marie, to sleep in, get breakfast, and then follow in our van.   I would give her the approximate time to get up in order for us to both arrive at our daily destination at about the same time.   I also timed this so that nearly all my cycling would be finished before noon.   We would use the afternoons to tour the destination town.   Both my wife and myself enjoyed this way of taking a vacation.   This resulted in a yearly tradition.   I named this ride my Tour de Farce, since the Tour de France is in progress during the time I schedule my bike ride and because compared to that ride, mine is a farce.  

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